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Burglar punched woman at front door


An Garda Siochana

An Garda Siochana

An Garda Siochana

A WOMAN who lives on her own was subjected to what's been described as a "horrific" violent burglary.

The woman (40), answered the front door and was immediately punched in the face by a man who went on to tie her up and threaten to kill her.

Gardai say that after punching her, the man walked straight into the house, put his hand over her mouth and dragged her into the sitting room.

He demanded money from her and then said he wanted her ATM card and the PIN number for it.

The woman struggled against him and told him she would keep fighting against him. He then threatened to kill her.

She handed over her ATM card and number and was then forced into a bedroom where her hands were tied behind her back while he ransacked the house looking for money.

The man threatened her again before he left and told her to stay put before he locked the doors and left.

Sources said that he threatened to "finish her off" if she moved.

She ran out the back door and jumped the wall into her neighbour's back garden.

She banged on their patio doors and they immediately went to her aid and rang the gardai and ambulance.

She was treated for cuts and minor injuries by paramedics.


The woman has not returned to the house in the Cherrybrook Drive estate since the attack last Friday and is understood to be staying with friends and to have said she will not be going back to the house, which she rented.

A garda spokesman said they were appealing for any witnesses to the incident at 7.30pm on Friday to contact them.

"For any woman to answer a door and have that happen must be horrific," the spokesman said.

Former detective garda Richie Culhane, now a Drogheda based councillor, said the incident was "an extremely vicious attack".

The Mayor of Drogheda Kevin Callan asked for anyone with information on the attack to come forward, saying it was a "very frightening incident".