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Burglar found pushing a car

A burglar who was caught pushing a stolen car has received a three-year suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service.

Brian Cox (32) was spotted by gardai pushing a Peugeot car along Willow Grove, Clondalkin, around 2.45pm, several days after it had been stolen in a burglary. Cox, of Boot Road, Clondalkin, had the car keys in his hand and admitted he had taken the vehicle, a wallet and a phone.

Cox pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to trespass and theft at Cloverhill Lawns and unlawful use of a vehicle and possession of stolen property.

More obese mums-to-be

More than one in ten pregnant women surveyed for new research were found to be obese. The study found 43pc were overweight -- 13pc obese and 2pc morbidly so.

The UCD centre for Human Reproduction at Dublin's Coombe Hospital, which compiled the research, said the incidence of morbid obesity was high, increasing the risks to mother and baby.

Dr Nadine Farah said: "Hospitals, midwives and obstetricians need to seriously consider the long-term impact of the rise in morbidly obese mothers and make provisions for appropriate equipment and resources to deal with it."

Careers advice by brain scan

Brain scans may be able to help people choose their careers, scientists claim.

Researchers used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to study the brains of 40 volunteers seeking career guidance.

They found structure patterns that correlated with different kinds of ability.