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Burglar attacks woman (80)

AN 80-year-old woman was assaulted during a violent burglary at her home.

The attack happened less than an hour into the new year at the property on Shantalla Road, Galway City.

The man fled the scene after the pensioner managed to raise the alarm.

She was taken to University College Hospital in Galway with non-life threatening injuries.

A garda spokesman said: "The culprit fled the scene on foot. He is described as tall, approximately 6' in height, clean shaven, with short dark hair, and aged in his early 20s."

Songwriter and young ex settle

THE Academy Award-winning songwriter of You Light Up My Life has ended his six-figure fight with a former fiancee he accused of conning him out of cash and gifts by hiding the fact that she was already married.

A New York judge approved a settlement between composer Joseph Brooks (71) and Joaly Gomez (23), who said Brooks knew she was not single.

The settlement terms were not specified, but court records show Brooks had previously agreed that Gomez could keep most of a disputed $550,000 unless they struck a deal to share it.

Gomez was a "young schemer" who "tried to sucker a 'sugar daddy,"' said Brooks' lawyer.

Bomb scare in Times Square

A street vendor arrested after a parked van caused a bomb scare in Times Square denies forging the vehicle's registration and other charges.

Police shut down part of the tourist hub for hours after realising the van had been parked for two days with blacked-out windows and no license plates. It contained only clothes and a peddler's stand.

George Freyre (36) was released without bail yesterday.

Airstrike kills 18 at rebels party

AT least 18 Colombian FARC rebels were killed when the country's air force bombed a southern jungle camp where dozens of guerrillas were celebrating the new year.

The bombardment took place in the province of Meta, an area used by FARC to produce the cocaine that funds its decades-old war insurgency.