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Burger made me cry - Pacific rower Philip

THE first Irishman to row across the Pacific has spoken of how he was teary-eyed when he reached Hawaii and got to eat a burger after more than a month at sea.

Philip Cavanagh was taking part in the inaugural Great Pacific Race, a 2,400-mile row from Monterrey, California, to Honolulu.

And when it came to home comforts, it was food the four-man crew missed the most.

Philip, from Palmerstown, said the multinational team used to have long conversations about sandwiches.

He told the Herald: "I had a burger when we arrived in Hawaii and I just about started crying. Same when I had an hour-long shower. It was amazing."

Philip's team, Battleborn - named after US rockers The Killers' album - made it to Hawaii after six weeks at sea.

"It was pretty horrendous - it was definitely more of a mental challenge than a physical one," he said.

"It was tough. We spent six weeks in such a confined space with each other. It was so important that we got on as privacy didn't really exist on the boat."

As part of an intense regime, the crew spent two hours rowing and two hours off throughout the day.

During their down time when they weren't sleeping, they kept a blog updated via a satellite phone.


There were tough decisions when it came to using their solar charger.

"We had to choose whether to use the voltage we had gained through solar energy to charge the iPad or the water pump," said Philip.

"There were small wins on the way, such as when we reached the halfway mark or when we got to 999 miles because then you could really see the miles knocking off."

Philip used the trip to raise funds for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and Aware.