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Bungling getaway rider crashes bike after cross-dress murder of innocent dad


The scene of the shooting, inset, Keith Walker

The scene of the shooting, inset, Keith Walker

Innocent dad Keith Walker

Innocent dad Keith Walker


The scene of the shooting, inset, Keith Walker

The getaway rider in the murder of innocent dad Keith Walker was arrested after he crashed the motorbike as he attempted to flee the scene.

A picture is now emerging of an increasingly-poorly planned yet deadly gun attack which left the father-of-two dead.

Mr Walker was gunned down on Friday afternoon last week after arriving at the Shelerin Road community centre in Clonsilla for a pigeon racing meeting.

He had been driving a car belonging to criminal Jay O'Connor, who gardai think was the real target.

While Mr Walker knew O'Connor through a shared love of pigeon racing, he had no involvement in crime.

His funeral is due to take place today. Mr Walker was set to marry his long-term partner in the coming weeks.

She was abroad with friends when she learned of the killing.

Witnesses to the shooting said a man who was dressed as a woman pulled an automatic weapon on Walker when he got out of the car, shouted O'Connor's name, and then fired several times at him - hitting him in the head and chest and wounding another man in the arm.

Since the latest gangland murder in Dublin, the Herald has established the killer drew attention to himself by being conspicuously badly dressed in women's clothes and was wearing a dodgy black wig.

He also asked for directions to the community centre where the killing took place and aroused so much suspicion that he was reported to gardai.

The poorly-disguised hitman also failed to recognise that Mr Walker was not his intended target.

He also shouted the name of known criminal Jay O'Connor before he pulled the trigger.

Local reports also say the getaway rider was equally as incompetent in his part of the operation. He crashed the motorbike in a panic to get away from the scene.

Some reports say he gave his real name to emergency personnel after an ambulance was called.

Others have reported that on arriving at the hospital the getaway rider spotted gardai and panicked, drawing attention to himself to such an extent that he was quizzed and arrested.

It was this move that set the investigation in train and resulted in three arrests in total in Dublin and Meath.

Those suspects remained in garda custody last night.