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Bully son mooned his mum

A MAN who mooned his mother as gardai investigated a complaint that he had terrified her in a row at their home has been branded a "bully and a coward" by a judge.

Jonathan McCann (23) had taken head shop drugs when he dropped his trousers and waved his behind at his mother and gardai and in full view of a group of children.

Giving him a two-month suspended sentence, Judge Cormac Dunne said McCann had shown utter contempt for his mother, the gardai and the public.

McCann had admitted charges of public intoxication and breach of the peace in the incident outside his home at Summerhill, Dublin 1.

Garda Eamon Honan told Dublin District Court he was called to the scene at 9pm on April 24 this year, following a complaint from the mother of the accused.

The accused had been kicking the front door and when the gardai approached, he fled from the scene. They spoke to his mother, who was in a state of "extreme distress".

"Some way down the street, while we were speaking to his mother, he dropped his trousers waved his behind at myself and several other gardai who were at the scene," Garda Honan said. "He was very intoxicated and was arrested."

Judge Dunne said: "He is a coward as most bullies are because he runs away when the gardai arrive."

The defendant had taken drugs from a head shop on the night, his solicitor said.

He had a row with his mother and "accepts the facts" of the case.

Judge Dunne remarked that the accused had no drug addictions, no alcohol addiction and "no societal deprivation".