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Bulletproof: The men who lived to tell tale


Martin Foley. Photo Colin Keegan/Collins

Martin Foley. Photo Colin Keegan/Collins

Karl Fay. Photo: CourtPix

Karl Fay. Photo: CourtPix


Martin Foley. Photo Colin Keegan/Collins

BUSINESSMAN Sean Enright is just the latest man to escape with his life when confronted by a would-be assassin.

* Sean Enright

Yesterday's shooting was the second time Enright's life had been targeted.

In January 2011, the dad-of-three (33) survived another gun attack, this time while arriving at his girlfriend's house in Clonsilla.

A gunman approached his car and pumped nine shots through the driver's window and door.

Incredibly, he survived being hit six times.

* Derek McLoughlin

McLoughlin (48), from Balbriggan, had an amazing escape when a gunman ran to his car as he sat in it near a gym in the Castle Shopping Centre in Swords on Tuesday, pointed a 9mm handgun at his head and pulled the trigger. Luckily for McLoughlin, the gun jammed.

* Martin 'The Viper' Foley

Foley, pictured below, now earns the newer nickname of Rasputin because it seems he just can't be killed.

The 60-year-old has also been targeted at a gym in one of the last attempts on his life when he was shot seven times as he left the Carlisle Health and Fitness club in Kimmage in January 2008. He tried to drive away from his attackers and was hit in the chest, shoulder and lower body.

His car crashed a short distance away from the scene of the shooting.

That shooting was at least the fourth known attempt on Foley's life. He has been hit by 15 bullets in the multiple attacks on his life.

* Karl Fay

Fay, right, is just 21 – but he has been targeted three times. Fay, from Lismore Road, has become a known target for criminals and has escaped a number of attempts on his life.

He was the intended target of a shooting incident last October in which innocent Stephen Hynes (16) was shot and injured. Fay was almost killed in April 2011 when he was shot in the stomach in Milltown, south Dublin. He also survived a pipe bomb attack.

* John Creamer

Creamer (35) stunned doctors in 2001 when he survived after being shot 15 times with a sub-machine gun. The Limerick criminal staged a remarkable recovery, and was later arrested with a false passport and told gardai he had to be careful how he travelled in case he was targeted again.

He died of a heroin overdose in London in 2009.

* Daniel Philips

Philips (20) escaped death despite being shot in the head at close range in Limerick city in May 2010.

Philips, from Crecora Avenue, Ballinacurra-Weston, Limerick, was shot in the head and chest as he sat in a car in the St John's Square area of the city. Just days after the incident he was sitting up in his hospital bed posing for pictures with pals.

– Conor Feehan