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Builders bring new light into brave Claudia's life

A GROUP of builders are helping parents of sick children with DIY jobs in their homes.

The tradesmen are setting up a charity in honour of Aoibheann Norman (8), who lost her battle with cancer, to help struggling parents.

Already they have helped the parents of Claudia Scanlon (6), who faced hours of daily bandage changes in an unsuitable bathroom.

Jimmy Norman and his wife Anne-Marie realised how tough it was with a sick child in hospital and when their daughter Aoibheann passed away, they set up Pink Tie, to fundraise to help others in a similar situation.


Jimmy's friend Mick Rochford, of Atlantis Home Improvements, and his workers have lent their skills and materials to a number of projects.

And when they spotted Claudia and her mum Liz talking about their daily routine with the excruciating skin condition, they were moved.

Liz said that they had decided to move to a bungalow to give the little girl a better chance at moving about with her special needs. Claudia has EB, a debilitating skin condition which means her skin blisters at the slightest touch.

And their new house needed to be gutted before they could move in with Claudia.

The tradesmen arrived and within just three days, they had finished the plumbing, tiling and electrics in the bathroom and left it ready for the family to move in.

"In the midst of the doom and gloom, it just makes you feel so good," said grateful Liz.