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BSE scare is 'worrying' - Dublin chef Kevin Thornton


Chef Kevin Thornton

Chef Kevin Thornton

 Kevin Thornton

Kevin Thornton


Chef Kevin Thornton

A top Dublin-based chef said the BSE scare is "very worrying" for the Irish food sector.

Farmers and buyers are facing an anxious wait for test results on a Co Louth cow suspected of having BSE.

Chef Kevin Thornton  has said he is hopeful any damage created will be minimal if it proves to be a "one-off case".

"We're all concerned because we want to produce the best produce possible," he said.

"Of course it's worrying and you just hope it is a one-off incident."

Test results on the five-year-old milking cow that died last week are expected some time between Wednesday and Friday.

If returned positive, Ireland's status as producing quality beef will revert from being 'negligible risk' to 'controlled risk'.

The downgrade is potentially devastating to Ireland's beef export trade, and could also effect consumer confidence here.