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Brrr. It'll be cold for Paddy's Day

bitter temperatures and snowy scenes could return for St Patrick's Day, says a weather forecaster.

According to postman Michael Gallagher, a cold front is on its way and that could result in frosty conditions and snow -- even on March 17.

The Donegal native, who studies nature in order to determine the weather, said that the spring had come too early to last. He said that the mild temperatures the country had enjoyed over the last few days were soon to be replaced by cold winds and icy conditions.

"I knew this would not be the end of our winter," Mr Gallagher said.

"Spring arrived far too early for my liking.

"There are flowers and buds out on the trees and berries everywhere on the holly bushes.

"It's all just too early. I think we're going to have a severe cold snap in the coming days and I even think that St Patrick could be white, never mind green."

The postman claims to have predicted a white Christmas for the last two years and his predictions have been so accurate in the past, that he cost bookmakers more than €80,000.

"Nature is rarely wrong," Mr Gallagher said. "The fact that the cold spell is coming with the arrival of the full moon is not good either.

"Even after the snow I think we're in for a lot of very bad storms."

Meanwhile, Met Eireann said it could not predict a 'white St Patrick's Day' as it was too early to make a forecast. But a spokeswoman said temperatures would not fall any further.