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Browne full of praise for new novel on 'chancers of Ireland'

A NEW book featuring "chancers, swindlers and bankers" is being described as Ireland's first recession era novel.

TV3's Vincent Browne launched author Tom Galvin's new book Gabriel's Gate and highlighted the importance of Tom's novel as the characters and storyline relate to present day political issues in Ireland.

Tom worked for Vincent Browne in his publication Village Magazine.

Vincent said the story resembled contemporary Ireland in a number of striking ways.

"This is definitely a book of our times. There are several identifiable characters in the book, typical Irish characters like swindlers, land grabbers, chancers and other bankers," he joked.

"The story is from a dual perspective, theirs is hopelessness but the characters aim to do something about it. One of the characters says in the book that 'this country will burn' but I don't think the country will burn and there are people out there with a lot of determination to prevent that.

"The book is an interesting depiction of our present condition and I really want to congratulate Tom."

Speaking at the book launch at the Doorway Gallery on South Frederick Street last night, Tom told the Herald that although he has been writing the novel for over six years, he feels now is the perfect time to bring it to the Irish market.

The story follows a group of young people who, instead of joining the dole queues in the midst of recession, decide to set up something for themselves but things don't go according to plan with some dark consequences.