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Brown Thomas seeks mystery shoppers

FASHIONISTAS who love their service with a smile are being recruited to splash their cash on designer goodies on the QT -- all in the name of research.

Brown Thomas is putting together a mystery panel of dedicated shoppers to help ensure high standards of service throughout its stores nationwide. Candidates can apply on its website in a bid to be selected for the secret store challenge and become undercover shoppers to test customer service.

But there's a significant catch. In order to assess how staff process a transaction, selected mystery shoppers will be asked to make a purchase with at least €30 of their own cash.

Brown Thomas said: "Our objective is to always provide the best shopping experience and we believe our customers are the people to tell us how we are doing. We would therefore like feedback on real shopping experiences."

The store said it hopes the research will help assess how well it meets customers' needs.

"Because we want to get feedback from real customers shopping in Brown Thomas and BT2 the way they normally would, you'll be able to view available mystery shops to see if there is a slot that fits in with your planned shopping trip.

"We usually contact customers at the beginning of the month to let them know that mystery shops are available -- this is to ensure we report back to Brown Thomas by the end of the month.

"If you book a visit you'll be sent a confirmation email with full briefing notes, telling you exactly what you need to do."