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Brown Thomas buyer secures a halt to dismissal

The group buyer of lingerie and swimsuits for Brown Thomas has secured a temporary High Court injunction preventing it from terminating her employment.

Lawyers acting for Mary Mullin claimed she was informed she was being dismissed from her position after she had sought to have complaints she was bullied and harassed by a superior investigated by her employers.

At a sitting of the High Court, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy granted Ms Mullin, with an address at Rathgar, Dublin 6, an interim injunction preventing Brown Thomas Ltd from giving effect to her purported dismissal from her position as a group buyer for the company.

Matthew Jolley, for Ms Mullin, said the company, where she has worked since 2004, told her last week she was being let go from her position as buyer of lingerie, swimwear and hosiery sold in all of Brown Thomas group's stores.

Counsel said some months ago Ms Mullin complained to her employers she had been bullied by a superior, who, she alleges, made her working life unbearable. She sought to have her complaints dealt with through the grievance procedures.


Counsel said Ms Mullin subsequently believed the company was not taking her complaints seriously. As nothing was being done, she sought to have her complaints formally investigated.

Arising out of that request, counsel said Ms Mullin agreed to enter mediation. During the course of that process, counsel said it was suggested at a meeting with a representative of Ms Mullin that she should leave the company, given the breakdown of the working relationship with her superior.