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Brothers suspects in attack on teen


Gardai are investigating

Gardai are investigating

Gardai are investigating

Two criminal brothers are suspected of being the ringleaders in a terrifying daylight gang attack in which their teenage victim was brutally assaulted with an iron bar and the windows of his house were smashed.

The incident happened at Brookview Court, Tallaght, when a large group of thugs attacked the 18-year-old as he left the house to go to work.

Sources said the suspected gang members have been "causing mayhem" in the area for several months.

An assortment of weapons including iron bars, shovels and a pitchfork was used in the attack.

After the victim stepped out of his house, he was confronted by the gang but avoided serious injury when his brother came out to help him.

The gang chased the brothers back into the house, and when they refused to come out they smashed several windows before gardai arrived.

There have been no arrests so far, but sources said officers have identified two brothers who they believe are the ringleaders of the thugs involved in the attack.

They are known to gardai for offences including theft, robbery, handling stolen property and the unauthorised taking of vehicles.

The attack on the teenager and his home happened close to where 16-year-old Melanie McCarthy was gunned down in February 2012, but there is no link between it and Ms McCarthy's death.

Daniel McDonnell (19), of Brookview Lawns, is serving a life sentence for her murder while his friend, Keith Hall (25), of Kilmartin Drive, also Tallaght, is serving 20 years for her manslaughter.

Both are said to be under constant threat from Traveller criminals in prison who have vowed to avenge Ms McCarthy's murder.