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Brothers launched sadistic attack because they had 'nowt to do'

Two young brothers tortured and sexually abused two innocent children in 90 minutes of sustained violence because they were bored and had "nowt to do", a court heard.

The brothers, aged 10 and 11 at the time, told police they had only stopped their sadistic assault because their arms had started to ache.

A doctor who examined the most seriously injured boy, who was found barely conscious at the bottom of a ravine, believed he had been close to death.

The 11 year old victim had earlier told his injured nine year old friend “You go, and I’ll just die here”, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

They had been out playing on their BMX bikes when they were lured to wasteland on the pretext of being shown a dead fox.

It was there the brothers first attacked the boys, dragging them to the floor and robbing them of cash and a mobile phone.

The boys, who are uncle and nephew, were marched to a more secluded area and were punched, kicked, stamped on and beaten with sticks.

They were strangled, smashed with bricks, forced to eat nettles, stripped naked and forced to sexually abuse each other.

Lumps of a ceramic sink were also dropped onto the head of the older boy.

The brothers, now aged 11 and 12, had admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but denied attempted murder which the Crown has accepted.

They also pleaded guilty to robbing the boys and intentionally causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, told the second day of their sentencing hearing that after the boys fled the scene the younger boy knelt next to his uncle and asked him if he was alright.

The older boy replied: “No. I can't see and I can't move my body.”

When his nephew tried to encourage him to move he told him: “You go, and I’ll just die here”.

Mr Campbell said the younger victim left to get help and the first person he saw was Derek Wright who thought he had been painted red.

When he realised the boy was covered in blood and shivering he took him into his home and was told the uncle was “down there but he can't see” adding that "some boys have beat me up with long sticks."

A search was started for the older boy who was eventually found on the ground at the bottom of a ravine, with the bottom half of his body still naked and he had severe hypothermia.

Mr Campbell said: “Had he lain undiscovered for very much longer, the hospital consultant is of the opinion that the outcome could well have been a fatal one.”

The court was shown a 20-minute video recording of the two locations where the boys were attacked last April in Edlington, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire,

During a police interview following his arrest, the older brother was asked why he had attacked and injured the boys.

He replied: "Don't know. 'Cos there were nowt to do." He told police that he had been bored.

Both boys told police they would have continued with the attack if their arms had not started aching.

When the older brother was asked how close he thought he and his brother had come to killing either or both of the boys, he replied perhaps eight or nine, on a scale of one to 10.

The hearing continues.

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