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Brother denies death threat to sister's fiancee

A STUDENT has been accused of attacking his sister's fiance, putting a knife to his throat and threatening to kill him two days before the wedding.

Eoin Ryan (27) also allegedly pulled a screwdriver on the groom-to-be, kicked him in the groin and stole his Indian passport at his Dublin home.

The alleged victim, Sarabjeet Singh, maintains Ryan also brought him outside and tried to get him into a car.

Ryan denies all the allegations, claiming he only asked to speak to Mr Singh about family concerns that he was marrying his sister, Grainne, to get a visa to stay in Ireland.

He further claims he was struck by Mr Singh, who went "ballistic" and tried to force him to take his passport to show family members.

Judge Catherine Murphy adjourned a decision in the case after hearing evidence for the prosecution and defence at Dublin District Court.

Ryan, who is based in China but has an address at Crumlin Road, is denying charges of assault, theft of the passport, producing a knife and screwdriver in the course of a dispute. The court heard the alleged incident happened on February 19.



Mr Singh said the defendant and his brother Eric Ryan arrived at his home and said they were collecting clothes for their other brother. He showed them the room and as he walked back into the kitchen, the accused allegedly pushed him from behind and into a corner when Mr Ryan allegedly began punching him. He hit Mr Singh on the side of the head and kicked him in the groin, it was alleged.

Mr Singh said he was shocked and did not know why this was happening. He alleged the defendant and his brother "manhandled" him upstairs where the accused pulled a knife on him, put it to his neck and threatened to kill him.

He alleged the defendant then put a screwdriver to his neck and repeated the threat that he was going to kill him. He said there was no conversation about the marriage before this.

Judge Murphy adjourned the case to May 13.