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Broken bottle charge teen is refused bail

A YOUTH, who allegedly held a broken bottle to a French woman's neck, during a robbery in Dublin last month has been again refused bail.

The teenage boy, aged 17, had been remanded by the Dublin Children's Court last month following his arrest on December 19 for robbery of a woman of her handbag including contents worth €150, criminal damage to her moped, and possessing a broken bottle as a weapon at James Joyce Street.

Garda Kevin Connolly of Store Street station had then said that the teen made no reply to caution. He said the boy had already been on bail and subject to a curfew condition when the alleged incident occurred. He had objected to bail saying that on arrest the boy had been under the influence of tablets. It was alleged that he broke a bottle, "smashed it off the ground, and held it to the injured party's neck and facial area."


Garda Connolly had also alleged that the teen attempted to get keys from her and "when he could not get the keys he took her handbag."

The court also heard that the teenager had a history of drug abuse and was using head shop products, anti-depressants, alcohol and "whatever he can get his hands on". The teen's plea for bail was met by a sustained objection by the prosecuting garda who cited the seriousness of the incident.

He also added that the alleged victim was "traumatised" and the teen had a drink and drug problem and was "wandering the streets".

The court heard that the teenager had been placed in care 12 months ago and that his father had to change address after his home was attacked.

The defence submitted that the HSE was responsible for the teen who had been living in a care hostel. Judge Brian Sheridan described the teen's situation as "particularly bad" and refused bail.

The teen was remanded in custody for a further two weeks.