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Broadcasters fear new levies

Broadcasters have warned that they will not be able to afford the levies which are set to be introduced by the Government this week.

Radio stations have witnessed a drop of up to 30pc in commercial revenue as a result of the economic downturn.

And commercial broadcasters have said they cannot afford what they expect to be levies of at least €40,000 to €50,000 for smaller local radio stations, or up to €350,000 for national stations.

iPad waiting Irish sale date

The iPad will be on the retail market from early next month in the US, but Apple have not decided a release date for Ireland.

The tablet-style computer is said to bridge the gap between mobile phone and laptop and weighs just 680g.

However, critics have pointed out that Apple have also not provided a date for when the 3G-capable iPad will be launched.

EU pushes for online job skills

The European Commission has outlined that citizens need to improve their web skills to prepare for the future jobs market.

Martin Territt, director of the European Commission Representation in Ireland, emphasised that developing e-learning strategies are a core part of the commission's newly launched Europe 2020 Agenda.

Recently, EU e-Skills Week 2010 gave over 300,000 people the chance to take part in a series of training sessions and other events.

Eircom takes in mobile division

Eircom has integrated its mobile arm Meteor to steer the company through a challenging market.

CEO Paul Donovan said that Meteor and Eircom Retail operations will be fully integrated in the coming months.

Meteor CEO Larry Smith is leaving the company to return home to the US and Stephen Beynon has been appointed group managing director of a new consumer and small business division.