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Britney's dad made kill threat - ex-manager

BRITNEY Spears' self-styled manager told a Los Angeles court of a scene of domestic warfare, saying the superstar's father chased him around a kitchen, punched him and threatened his life.

Sam Lutfi, who is suing Britney's parents for defamation, gave evidence as they watched from across the courtroom.

He denied accusations made in a book by Lynne Spears that he was a Svengali who became the gatekeeper of her daughter's world, locking her parents out of her life.

The ex-manager said he was a benevolent caretaker who protected Britney during her highly publicised meltdown.

Mr Lutfi's evidence concluded in dramatic fashion as he was overcome by tears while describing the aftermath of the publication of the book.

"After the book came out, there was a huge spike of death threats that were pretty bad," he said. "People I know were shunning me. websites were created to kill me. People wished I was dead. People wished my family ..." He did not finish the sentence because he was crying.

Mr Lutfi told of the days leading to Britney's admission to a hospital psychiatric unit and jurors saw a video of the star ordering him around outside her home hours before she was taken away. She was demanding that he let her drive her car and told him to get in the passenger seat.

Mr Lutfi said Britney feared her father Jamie and fled her home when she heard he was coming. Mr Lutfi said the father confronted him twice and punched him on the second visit.

"Jamie came barging into the house. He lunged at me and chased me around the kitchen island. He was spitting, yelling, shouting at me, and said I had hurt his daughter and he was going to beat the hell out of me," Mr Lutfi said.

After 10 minutes, he said, Jamie Spears was escorted out by security guards. But the next morning, he got into the house again and the battle resumed.

"He cornered me in the kitchen, punched me in the solar plexus and threatened to kill me," Mr Lutfi said.

A lawyer for Britney (30) said in opening statements that her father never physically assaulted Mr Lutfi and merely touched him on the chest.

Court proceedings will resume today.