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Briefs: 48 die as India is hit by quake

THE death toll from a strong earthquake in north-eastern India and Nepal has climbed to 48 -- but police said the full extent of the damage in the remote region was not known.

The quake, with a magnitude of 6.9, struck at 6.10pm yesterday, triggering landslides and damaging buildings.

The epicentre was in India's Sikkim state near the border with Nepal, but shaking was felt across northern and eastern India and as far away as Bangladesh and Tibet.

In Nepal two men and a child were killed when a brick wall toppled outside the British Embassy in the capital, Kathmandu.

Bikers killed in fumes tragedy

Five bikers were found dead yesterday in a recreational vehicle at a Tennessee speedway and an organiser for the festival blamed the deaths on fumes from a generator.

Three men and two women were found in the RV at the Clarksville Speedway but there was no sign of foul play, police said.

Two of the dead were a married couple who had eight-month-old twins. Another couple also died, as well as a co-worker of one of the men.

Taliban blamed for car bomb

A suicide bomber detonated a vehicle packed with explosives today outside the home of a senior police officer tasked with cracking down on the Taliban and other militants in Pakistan's largest city.

The blast killed at least eight people and left a crater 10ft (3m) deep, police said.

Chaudry Aslam, the policeman targeted in the bombing in the southern port city of Karachi, was not harmed and appeared on local television shortly after the attack to blame the Pakistani Taliban.

Brazil murder suspects found

Police in Brazil have arrested two men suspected in the killings of two Amazon activists earlier this year.

Brothers Jose Rodrigues Moreira and Lindonjonson Silva Rocha were found hiding in a rural area of Para state where activists Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife Maria were killed in May while trying to help landless families.