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Bridge collapse kills two in Brazil city

An overpass bridge collapsed in the World Cup city of Belo Horizonte, killing two people and injuring at least 19.

The flyover bridge, which was under construction, collapsed on to moving traffic in the Brazilian city.

A passenger bus was partially crushed under the overpass. A Reuters report stated two trucks and another vehicle were also smashed.

The accident site is around three kilometres from the Mineirao stadium, where a World Cup semi-final match will be held next Tuesday. The stadium has already hosted five games.

The spokeswoman for the Belo Horizonte fire department told Reuters there were reports of several injuries, although she would not confirm the deaths.

The bridge, which was still under construction, fell on to moving traffic on
 a busy urban motorway.

Aerial TV footage showed what appeared to be a yellow bus crushed under part of the bridge.

The overpass was one of the many infrastructure projects aimed at improving the city's ailing public transport network.

The bridge was to be used for passenger buses in a system known as BRT/Move, considered a legacy project from the World Cup.


Heavy government spending on the World Cup and long delays in finishing promised infrastructure projects have spurred violent street protests in Brazil over the past year, although they have died down in recent weeks.

Last months, a construction worker was killed when a concrete beam, part of the Sao Paulo monorail project, fell on him.