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Bribe trial councillor dies

A FORMER Fianna Fail councillor who was facing charges of taking bribes to vote for land re-zoning has died.

Sean Gilbride (69) had missed three scheduled appearances at Dublin District Court due to his battle with cancer, and had spent time in Beaumont Hospital.

But the charges against him will be dropped after his death last Saturday.

Mr Gilbride, from Skerries in north Dublin, was charged last year with accepting money to vote for re-zoning of lands in Carrickmines in Dublin in the 1990s. He had replied "not guilty" when he was charged on October 23 last.

Plant study to help jet lag

A NEW study into how plants adjust to having less sunlight in winter could lead to a better understanding of the impact of jet lag on people, according to scientists.

Researchers looking at the daily rhythms in plants have discovered a complex process that allows the plants' genes to respond to the times of dawn and dusk each day, and the length of daylight in between.

The findings could shed light on how other living things respond when daily rhythms are interrupted.

Air hostess dies after flight

A WOMAN who collapsed onboard a transatlantic flight that was forced to divert and land at Shannon Airport has died in hospital.

The woman (61), a US flight attendant with Continental Airlines, suffered a heart attack while the flight was en route from London to the US on Friday.

A doctor on the flight attempted to resuscitate the woman while in the air. She was then transferred to Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick but died later.

Men arrested for church fire

PARISHIONERS in Waterford were stunned to find their church had been burned down when they arrived at Sunday Mass.

Extensive damage was inflicted on St Lawrence's Church in Ballinroad, Abbeyside, near Dungarvan.

Gardai investigating the incident arrested two men yesterday after the fire ripped through the church at around 9pm on Saturday.