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Brian's Lotto gaffe blamed on technical hitch

RTE has blamed a technical fault for the on-air gaffe that left Brian Ormond stuck for words last night. The lottery presenter was left speechless after a studio fault meant he was unable to go ahead with the draw.

He initially started by saying: "You're joining us live from RTE Stage B," before he stopped talking abruptly as his eyes darted around the studio in confusion.

Someone could be heard whispering behind him before the camera moved away from the dumbstruck presenter.

The entire broadcast was abruptly cut short after 33 seconds before going to an ad break.


Ormond made light of the situation when asked about what happened afterwards. He posted a message on his Twitter that read: "No, I didn't see a ghost on Lotto tonight. When you're told to stop, ya gotta stop. Can't beat live TV."

In a statement following the gaffe, RTE said: "A technical fault during tonight's televised Lotto draw on RTE One meant that the draw was unable to be broadcast. Subsequently, the Lotto Plus 1 & 2 draws took place during the ad break in Fair City and the result of the main Lotto draw was also shown."

It's one of a number of slip-up's that have happened on the national broadcaster in recent months.

Last month, viewers of the Six One news were given a chuckle after veteran presenter Bryan Dobson wasn't sitting in his seat by the time the live programme began.

The veteran broadcaster expected the camera to zoom in on him as he stood to the right of the newsdesk. But instead it panned in on the seated Sharon Ni Bheolain. Unflappable Dobson then walked to his vacant chair, beginning the programme as if nothing had happened.

However, the most famous RTE news gaffe was the one involving Aengus Mac Grianna.

The anchorman was caught in one particularly memorable broadcast touching up his own make-up live on air. The clip, which has caused much mirth across the internet, catches the polished host giving himself a sprucing up, not realising that the cameras are rolling.

At first he is seen applying a touch of foundation to his forehead - using what appears to be his own compact - then momentarily rolling his shoulders and sucking his cheeks.