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Brian Lenihan's son has 'no intention' of making Dail run

HE is just a week away from potentially being crowned student president – but Tom Lenihan has "no intention" of taking his campaign skills to the Dail.

The son of the late Brian Lenihan has been canvassing in Trinity College in the past week as the race for student president enters its final stages.


Tom (21) is one of three presidential candidates in the student elections with an independent opinion poll giving him a commanding lead.

However sources close to the business and law student say he is "taking nothing for granted".

"Tom really wants to be president. He loves Trinity and has thrown himself into student life but he's taking all the polls and hypes with a pinch of salt," a friend told the Herald.

The run for student president has led to suggestions that Tom is looking to follow in the family's footsteps.

His father Brian, who died from pancreatic cancer in June 2011, was the Finance Minister who called in the IMF.

And his grandfather, Brian Lenihan Snr, narrowly missed out on becoming Ireland's president in 1990. Tom's aunt Mary O'Rourke and uncle Conor Lenihan were also TDs.

However friends have dismissed talk of a Dail run.

"It was the same when he enrolled to do business and law – people said 'Tom you're taking the exact same route as your father'. But he has no intentions of running for the Dail.

"Of course he's known as being Brian's son but sometimes that can be more of a handicap than a help. Tom just wants people to vote for him because of his credentials, nothing else."


While Tom is involved in the college's student newspaper and law society, he is not a member of Fianna Fail.

He has vowed that he will "fight any cuts in student grants through lobbying those who have the power to stop them". He also promises to open a student kitchen.