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Brian Kennedy: 'I'm ready to sing at gay weddings'


Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

Alan Hughes and husband Karl Broderick

Alan Hughes and husband Karl Broderick


Brian Kennedy

Singer Brian Kennedy has said he's hoping to cash in as a wedding singer once same sex marriage has been signed into law.

The Belfast singer (48) is happy that Ireland voted 'Yes' to marriage equality and he told the Herald that the legislation change could lead to a boom in business for him when it comes to nuptial celebrations.

"It's going to be very interesting, there will be so many more weddings," Brian said.

"I am hoping to get more work as a wedding singer."


Alan Hughes and husband Karl Broderick

Alan Hughes and husband Karl Broderick

Alan Hughes and husband Karl Broderick

Alan Hughes and husband Karl Broderick

While he's used to performing on bigger stages, Brian is no stranger to performing at wedding celebrations.

"I did get a lot of requests over the years [to sing at weddings] and sometimes I did them," he said.

"But I would absolutely love that now. I sang at Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick's wedding and it was nice.

"I've done a few weddings, but mainly straight ones so I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming.

"Whether it is two lovely women or two lovely guys, bring it on,' he added.

Business isn't the only thing that's a possibility for Brian when it comes to marriage.

Although he is not in a relationship at the moment, the Eurovision singer can also see himself tying the knot if he finds the right man in future.

"A few people have asked me recently if I'll ever walk down the aisle, but it was never something that occurred to me because it was never something I could've done before," Brian said.

"I thought being gay was not like being straight, you had different rules to love and so on.

"I've never been asked to marry, nor have I ever asked someone.

"I'm currently in a relationship with myself, but who knows? It's all changed now," he added.

A former Voice Of Ireland judge, Brian is set to make his talent show return later this year after he was recently unveiled as a judge on TG4's Junior Eurovision singing competition.

He is celebrating 25 years in the music business this year and said that the industry is completely different now compared to when he started his career.

"[Twenty five years] is a long time and I'm still alright. I'm afloat," Brian said.

"Music has changed immeasurably because technology has become such a big part of what we do now."

A self confessed "Twitter-aholic", Brian added that being so well-known on social media can have some big downsides.


"If you're like me, sometimes you say something you really shouldn't have said and you instantly regret it," the You Raise Me Up singer said.

"Or people misunderstand the tone of the tweet.

"When I'm being playful on Twitter somebody could think I'm being serious so they see it as offensive."