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'Bressie never tried to chat me up' - Roz

Top beauty Roz Purcell is one of Ireland's hottest models and has her pick of ardent suitors to choose from.

But the former Miss Universe Ireland (24) has revealed how her other half, Bressie, didn't work too hard to win her over.

"No, he never chatted me up. He just arrived at my house and never left, seriously," she said.

The well-known couple have been living together at her city centre apartment for the past two years but generally prefer to keep their relationship under wraps.

The photogenic pair were dating for nearly a year before finally confirming they were an item.

However, the Tipperary native has now lifted the lid a little on what it's like to live with the Voice of Ireland coach.


It seems they're just like every other couple when it comes to squabbling over domestic chores and keeping the place tidy.

"He's actually quite clean, I'm probably the messy one," she continued.

"I do have a thing where I leave every press open and then Bressie's like, 'Roz stop' and I'm like 'What?' And he's like, 'Do you notice every single press is open, even the presses that you didn't use'.

"I'm so busy cooking, I leave everything open to go to the next one. Even the fridge is open and then I'll walk out."

She told 2fm's Breakfast Republic he also does the "typical guy thing" of putting the empty milk cartons back in the fridge and also eating her food.

"I'll always have special stuff, like I'll get my coconut milk and stuff like that and I'll come back and I'm like, 'Where's the coconut milk?' and he's like, 'I didn't use it!"

But the slim pair do share a mutual love of staying fit and spent months training for a 70.3 IronMan Challenge in Austria earlier this summer.

They jointly completed the gruelling cycle, swim and run, becoming one of our first celebrity couples to successfully take on the challenge.

But the Mullingar musician and former Leisnter rugby player said they don't generally train together as she's a "hard girl to train with"./

"She's incredibly focused. When I'm on the bike, I love the chats. She's like, 'Don't talk to me!'"