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Brennan's twin nephews a hit with half-time tussle

THESE four-year-old twins almost upstaged their famous uncle Gerard Brennan and his winning team at Dublin's senior football final.

Little Bobby and Sam Brennan became an internet sensation after taking to the pitch at half-time in the county final at Parnell Park. The spirit and determination of their no-holds-barred footballing rivalry promptly won the hearts of the stadium's 6,000 spectators.


The tiny players became the centre of attention when they inadvertently defied a public announcement on Wednesday night that the usual half-time kickabout by children was cancelled because of the need to protect the pitch.

Oblivious to all such adult concerns, the twins had the pitch to themselves for their own little game. Each twin showed a talent for upending the other player in an all-out effort that soon won cheers and applause from the crowd.

Their delighted dad Derek Brennan told the Herald: "It was amazing hearing 6,000 people cheering them on.

"And they've been all over the internet since then and even got a mention this morning from 98FM and on Hector's radio show too," he added.

Last night, the twins were at family celebrations at their grandmother's home in Dublin for the victory of St Vincent's over Ballymun Kickhams.

And Uncle Gerard, as the winning captain, gave them a close look at the coveted trophy.

Gerard, centre-half back for the Dublin senior team and for his club, is used to the limelight but his tearaway nephews seemed oblivious to the warm-hearted reaction to their own half-time football showdown.

Derek said: "It was very funny. The little bruisers were like two gladiators in the Colosseum. Some people were joking: 'This is better than the match!' It certainly provided some light relief."

Both boys participate in St Vincent's mini-league for four to six-year-olds.