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Brendan vows 'Mrs Brown will be back'


Brendan O'Carroll in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Brendan O'Carroll in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Brendan O'Carroll in Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

BRENDAN O'Carroll has poured cold water on reports that the end is near for Mrs Brown saying that he has already began writing new material.

"Mrs Brown is our living. She has fed the family, educated the family and housed the family," he told the Herald.

"I've no intention of letting that woman go," he laughed.

The creator is actually trying to decide between a new series or a film.

Concerns that it was the end for the slapstick show were described a 'red herring' by the man behind the franchise.

He was speaking after an remarks made by his son Danny led to speculation that the TV show was coming to an end.

"It was an interview Danny gave at a charity event in Donegal and he said that he didn't know when it would be back," the comedian explained.

"I'm the only one who knows that but there will, of course, be more," he said.

Brendan has already began writing bits and pieces of the foul-mouthed matriarch's return to the screen.

At the moment the Dubliner has a wall covered with post-its in his Florida home with scenes and other notes on them but he said he is trying to decide between a movie and a series four.

"Some days you think that'd make a great scene two or three and another day you think that'll be a great movie," he said.

But whatever happens next for the mammy and her brood the show has created a huge fan base.

"It was great to see the support we have on Twitter [after news broke that it could be the end]," he noted.

"I've just finished with the Christmas special so I'm taking a bit of a break.

"It was a hard grind, I etched every word out but I'm pleased and really hopeful audiences like it."

The BBC have never put pressure on the star to pen more shows he revealed.

"They have always said 'at your leisure, when you want to write it, write it," he said.

"I'm leaning more toward TV than film but then you are being pulled in different directions," he confessed.

O'Carroll will spend the run up to Christmas in the UK doing promotional work but will be back in Dublin to join his pal Joe Duffy on air for a Christmas Eve broadcast.

On December 27 O'Carroll and his wide Jenny will jet back to Florida he said.