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Brendan prays for success in new priest role

COMEDY legend Brendan Grace is set to get serious as he takes on his first dramatic film role in an all-Irish production.

The funny man will don a dog-collar as he gets into character as a local priest for Damian O'Callaghan's The Gift.

Filming is already under way in Kerry and is expected to continue for another fortnight.

Grace's last film credit was for an Irish TV movie called Bottler - which saw him in his laugh-a-minute comfort zone.

This time the tone of his latest role will be very different, it seems.

The movie focuses on one man's decision to end his own life after losing his wife.

The director, Killarney based Damian O'Callaghan, has insisted that it is not all doom and gloom, however.

Alan Devine (who previously starred in the Veronica Guerin movie) will take the lead role as the bereaved Sean.

Other Irish talent who will appear in the film include Dawn Bradfield from Moone Boy and Una Kavanagh who acted in Garage.

Cameras will roll on the film for just three weeks and the finished product is expected to hit cinema screens in spring 2015.

A former Fair City writer, Paul FitzSimons, penned the script alongside the emerging director.


O'Callaghan's Bouncers went down extremely well on the film festival circuit this year.

Bouncers, based on the world of nightclub doormen, was also filmed in Killarney where O'Callaghan has lived for 15 years.

He will be hoping to have the same success with The Gift.

The film is due to take in iconic spots around the scenic town in Kerry, including the Gap of Dunloe and Ross Castle.