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Brazil TV will highlight 'how Dublin works'


Bike hangar like those tried out in Dublin

Bike hangar like those tried out in Dublin

Bike hangar like those tried out in Dublin

Brazil and Latin America's biggest broadcaster is on its way to Dublin to see how working Irish-style makes the world a better place.

Globo TV will fly thousands of miles to report on innovative projects place in the capital, and filming will take place next month.


And their main report will centre on the work of Dublin City Council's Beta Projects, which trials ideas such as bike hangars and drainage systems, to solve everyday problems.

Globo TV has 60 million viewers in Brazil, and Dublin was chosen specifically because of the work of Beta Projects.

"We usually travel abroad to make three or four television reports in one city. This time, because of Dublin City Council's Beta Project, we chose Dublin," said Cassia Kuriyama, a journalist with the TV station.

She added that Globo's main intention is to "present Ireland to the Brazilian public, emphasising its commitment to sustainable and innovative initiatives in diverse fields".

Ms Kuriyama added that, "our new show's main goal is to showcase the work of people and organisations that develop projects with the intention to make the world a much better place".

Beta Projects is run from the City Architect's office and is headed up by architect Shane Waring.


Some of the projects include turning traffic light boxes into works of art.

Eleven boxes were painted by artists in a trial to overcome the city's graffiti problem.

Now the city council is looking to formalise the artwork as an official policy, with the possibly of 200 boxes getting a creative lick of paint.