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Brave Robyn jets off to Michigan for specialist cancer care

Brave Robyn Smyth is jetting off to the United States on Sunday for tests that will determine how her cancer is treated.

Robyn (10) is battling a rare form of childhood cancer, and is now Michigan-bound for specialist treatment at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

The hospital specialises in personalised cancer treatments, which have proved effective in other children.

"A scan and biopsy will be done and a treatment plan will be embarked on," said her mum Bernadette Dornan from Whitehall.

She has thanked members of the public who have got behind the fundraising efforts for Robyn, with €100,000 in recent weeks.

"They have been absolutely fantastic," she said.

The fundraising efforts are continuing for Robyn, as the forthcoming trip to the States will cost €80,000 and further costs are likely to be significant.


She was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was three. After years in remission, it returned.

"The most recent scan done in April showed she still had cancer in her jaw, spine, rib and pelvis," Bernadette said.

Robyn has just finished another round of chemotherapy here. To donate, see: www.robynslife.com