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Brave Robyn 'cancer-free' but €200k fundraising fight goes on


Brave teen Robyn Smyth met Erin McGregor last month. Photo:

Brave teen Robyn Smyth met Erin McGregor last month. Photo:

Brave teen Robyn Smyth met Erin McGregor last month. Photo:

Doctors in the US have told the family of a teenager who has battled cancer since the age of three that she has had her first clear scan in years.

Robyn Smyth (13), from Whitehall, Dublin, has been fighting the aggressive cancer, neuroblastoma, for 10 years.

The brave teenager was given only a 30pc chance of surviving the illness when she was first diagnosed.

It was when her chances of survival dropped to 5pc that her family decided to raise funds to take her to the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Michigan.

Robyn's family and friends have worked tirelessly to raise several hundred thousand euro to cover medical costs as they arise.

The first-year secondary student hates being away from school and her friends for too long, but she travelled to the US for all her scans last week during a mid-term break from her studies.


"We've just returned from America and we are utterly delighted to share that Robyn's scans are clear," said Robyn's mum, Bernadette.

"The targeted medicines she's been on this past year have worked.

"Because the scan was so good, Robyn and I don't have to return for nine weeks, but doctors still have to keep a close eye on her as neuroblastoma has a habit of raising its ugly head a lot.

"She's had neuroblastoma four times and we can't sit and wait. It will return if we do nothing.

"I'm always so scared to get too carried away when she's doing OK. I think it's simply the fear of it returning even more agg- ressively."

Now Robyn's family are again asking ask for the public's help in raising funds for the teen.

"Robyn needs to enrol on a vaccine trial in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York to stop neuroblastoma returning," said Bernadette.

"But we have to have €200,000 up-front for them to start with and our reserves of fundraising money are running very low."

Anyone wanting to help Robyn can get in touch at rob-ynslife@live.com or idonate.ie/robynslife.