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Brave mum gives birth at home ...all on her own

A DELIGHTED Dublin mother gave birth to her little baby girl after a dramatic labour while she was home alone.

Audrey Byrne, from Barnamore Park in Finglas, was preparing to go to hospital when little Nakita arrived practically unannounced after two big contractions.

Audrey told the Herald: "On Tuesday I was in the house with the kids, and my partner Lar had to drive them over to Swords and he was rushing back here to take me to the hospital.

"In the meantime, the contractions were getting stronger. They were very light all along so I didn't think I needed to panic.

"But my waters broke downstairs so I thought I'd get changed before my lift came. I felt like lying on the bed. I got a big pain and with the first pain half of her came out, and then I got a second pain and I asked God to help me and she was suddenly out.

"I put her up to my chest and the first thing she tried to do was open her eyes. I was talking to her and within three or four seconds she let out a little cry. I was on the phone to Lar saying 'she's out' and he thought I was messing."


She recalled: "I had her beside me. I knew about skin to skin contact, it's very important to make sure she's warm and it helps the bond between mother and baby."

Audrey had the guidance of a member of Dublin Fire Brigade over the phone during the birth.

Baby Nakita weighed a healthy nine pounds and two ounces when she was born and her family are now smitten with their new little miracle.

Audrey said: "She had big wide eyes looking up at me. It was a really special moment between me and her. I just kept thinking that I need to enjoy this moment. When I heard her cry I nearly wanted to cry myself, once she was okay I was grand.

"The scariest part was thinking about how I was going to get from the top of the stairs to the door to let my partner and the ambulance crew into the house. When Lar came in he was delighted and he was just amazed, and when we went to hospital he cut the umbilical cord there.

"I rang the ambulance straight away when I lay down on the bed, and the guy on the phone talked me through it and calmed me down. He told me not to stop the baby from coming out so I relaxed and he told me I should have help straight away."