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Brave Megan gets 'amazing' gift ... all-clear from cancer

Miracle girl Megan Malone's family say this Christmas has been "amazing" for the family.

Just a year after the family emigrated so their toddler could receive vital cancer treatment, Megan's parents say they were "incredibly grateful" to spend the festive season at home with their four children.

Last year, Megan (4) was given a less than 10pc chance of survival, prompting her parents to seek pioneering treatment abroad, and uprooting the family to New York.

Megan has since been given the all-clear and to her parents' delight, she no longer requires any medication.

"It's amazing because this time last year was completely different for us," her dad, John Malone (40) said.

"Last year, we had to rush her to hospital on Christmas Eve, it was constantly touch and go, so it's great to just be able to be able to enjoy some time together as a family.

"Megan passed all her hormone tests so she's no longer on any medication at all, and her last MRI showed no signs of cancer."

The Malones realised their precious daughter was seriously ill when she started vomiting every day and slowly losing the ability to walk in the autumn of 2010.

She was rushed to A&E on October 11, 2010 -- the same day her brother Tristan was brought home after his birth -- and later that week, the brave little girl was diagnosed with Spnet medulloblastoma, an aggressive cancer likely to kill her within weeks. After raising money for her treatment last December, John and Sheila moved the family from Kilnamartyra, Co Cork, to the States because they "were not going to give up on her".

Megan, parents John and Sheila (37) and her siblings Chloe (7), Dylan (6) and Tristan (1) spent their first Christmas as a family in Cork.