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Brave Louise makes welcome return to airwaves after cancer treatment

RTE broadcaster Louise McSharry has made her first return to the airwaves after taking time out to battle cancer.

The 31-year-old returned to hosting duties on New Year's Day on 2fm, but it was a one-off, and she won't be returning to the airwaves full-time until the spring.

She took a leave of absence from Montrose after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in August of last year.


The star took to Twitter to say: "Please excuse my 'ems' and 'ehs' on @rte2fm. Lots of nervous energy doing my first show in months!"

Later on she updated her account saying how much she enjoyed it.

"Really nice to be back for a show, can't wait 'till I get properly back in the spring," she told her followers.

Louise is due to marry her long-term boyfriend Gordan Spierin this year.

The Dublin resident has previously told how she initially thought she was suffering from an infection stemming from the removal of her appendix last December.

She had been suffering from a pain in her side, as well as a loss of appetite.

She was admitted to hospital for tests, and was diagnosed with cancer.

However, after her shock diagnosis, the brave broadcaster vowed not to let the disease beat her.

"I genuinely have no doubt that I'm going to be fine," she said.