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Brave Jack gets new lease of life... thanks to kidney from mum

A SCHOOLBOY is enjoying a new lease of life after his mother donated a kidney to him.

Jack Waters (11), from Booterstown in Dublin, was born with one kidney and had always suffered with chronic renal complications.

Prior to the operation, Jack had been on a transplant waiting list for years, and his kidney had depreciated to the point that he would need dialysis within the next year.

Dr Atif Awan, a consultant paediatric nephrologist at Temple Street Children's Hospital, explained: "The kidney is essential. It removes all toxins."



However, his mum Ciara was examined and turned out to be the perfect match, allowing her to donate her kidney.

Ciara's surgery took place in Beaumont Hospital, under Mr Richard Power, and her kidney was taken by ambulance to the Temple Street hospital.

Jack's heart-warming story will feature tonight on TV3's popular Temple Street Children's Hospital show at 8pm.

His dad Tony told of their relief at finding out that Ciara was a match. "We're very lucky. Our biggest concern was that Jack would be on dialysis by next year and that's the last thing we wanted."

Following a successful surgery on his mum Ciara, the episode will show Jack being rolled into theatre and prepped for surgery.

Mr David Hickey, the renal transplant consultant, explained about the kidney: "The earlier it goes in, the quicker it functions and the easier it is for the patient post-surgery."

He said there are three stages to the operative procedure.

He added: "The unclamping is the dramatic moment. I mean, really, it's a miracle. You see this little guy, who is on the verge of dialysis, you unclamp, the kidney goes pink, urine starts coming out and you know his life is going to be changed, for the better for a long, long time.


"This is the end step of a procedure that started a number of years ago. The family have been preparing for this.

"There's been tissue typing, there's been counselling, there's been radiology. There have probably been 100 people to get our little man to the final act of this, today."

Cameras captured the scene as blood filled the dormant kidney bringing it to life.

Post-surgery, the team was extremely happy with how the surgery went.

Jack, who has a brother and a sister, was just 10 when the surgery took place. He turned 11 in March this year.

The transplant has given him a new lease of life and he has grown considerably.