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Brave Emin turns three asking 'where's mummy'?

This Dublin toddler will celebrate his third birthday without his mum.

Little Emin Uyrun last saw his mother Ezra just over six months ago before she disappeared without a trace.

The 39-year-old woman, who is originally from Turkey but lived in Clondalkin, vanished on February 23.

Esra's disappearance has been explained to Emin but he believes that his mum cannot come to see him on his birthday because she is ill.

"The whole family try to keep him occupied constantly so that he doesn't think about his mum missing all the time," Emin's aunt, Berna Fidan, told the Herald.

"It's been so distressing for him, it's heartbreaking.

"We try not to mention Esra too much to him because he gets really upset, he's so little and it's very hard on him at such a young age.

"As far as he's concerned his mommy is not well and that's why she's not with him, that's what he believes.

"For us, it's hard to imagine that she would willingly stay away from him on such a day, it's one of the reasons I cannot believe that my sister simply left or [took her own life], she would never leave Emin alone."

Esra's car was found in Bray, Co Wicklow, several hours after she disappeared from her west Dublin home.

Despite numerous searches around the Bray region, there has been no breakthrough in the search for the missing mum.

Gardai also searched the area near her house last month, as it emerged that she could have been intercepted by someone shortly after leaving her home.

Esra's husband Ozgur explained that she left the house around 7.15am on February 23 to go to the shops.

He was getting ready for work at the time and she asked to borrow the car, a grey Renault Twingo, for a few minutes.

If she had headed towards Bray straight away, it is believed that she would have come across a first big roundabout within less than 10 minutes.

However, CCTV footage shows that the vehicle only arrived at that point far later than expected -- shortly before 8am.


This has led the family to believe that Esra may never have been in the car, and that someone may have intercepted her near Clondalkin before leaving the Twingo in Bray in an attempt to mislead investigators.

The vehicle was caught on cameras in Bray at 8.40am, and police found it abandoned at the southern end of the seafront, in a car park, that evening.

Her purse and credit cards were in the boot.