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Brave Emily died six times, but don't call her an 'inspiration'

A WOMAN who suffered severe burns as a child has insisted that she is not an "inspiration" for going about her daily life.

Emily Savage suffered burns to 70pc of her body when a ceiling melted on top of her while on a family holiday in France when she was seven.

In a brave interview she said; "I hate the word inspiration because people see me going to the shop and think: 'God isn't she an inspiration?'

"I just went to the shop; that's not an inspirational thing to do ... If you're landed in the situation you just have to live with it".

Explaining how she suffered the extensive burns she said: "We were on a family holiday in France in December 1992. I was asleep in the top bunk in the room behind the sitting room when the ceiling melted down on top of me because of a crack in the fire place.

"I still remember the sensation of snow on my skin outside. I went into shock when the ambulance arrived and didn't wake for two months. I even 'died' six times.

"I had suffered third-degree burns to 70 pc of my body, but I didn't realise how huge a deal it was going to be until I left hospital".


People weren't very kind to Emily growing up due to her appearance but her parents insisted on her going about her normal activities.

"People would run away, call me a monster, a freak. And it wasn't just children. But my mam and dad never made any excuses. There was never an option of staying inside and not doing something."

"I did the shoot with Irish Country Magazine because no one else is doing it and I feel that people can be very uncomfortable about disfigurement and the more it's in the media, the less scared people will be of it."

Emily (28) has a masters degree in law and works in banking compliance. She is an ambassador for the Katie Piper (inset) Foundation and is also involved in a burns survivor group in St James's Hospital.