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Brave Dan fights on as he has 41 tumours removed

A YOUNG Dublin man who had 41 tumours on his lung due to a rare cancer is hoping for a miracle cure in Germany.

Daniel Maher (20) from Ballyfermot, was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in August 2009. He has since undergone chemotherapy treatment and has recently had his arm amputated due to a tumour.

In a bid to save his life, his family flew him to a German hospital where he underwent specialised laser treatment to remove his cancer a week ago.

His mum Vivienne told the Herald: "The cancer started in his arm and it then went to his lungs. He had his arm amputated three weeks ago but now he's in Germany getting his lungs lasered. He had the bottom part of his lungs removed as well.

"He had his first operation on the February 10 and he's now fighting it. He's out of ICU and he's doing good.


"We found a surgeon in Germany that would do the laser treatment, and he had 41 tumours removed off the middle and top of his lung. Now he's fighting to get a second operation in four weeks time for the tumours on his other lung."

Daniel's dad David is currently over in Coswig, Germany, while he undergoes the laser lung mets removal treatment.

"The doctors are hoping for a full recovery; the recovery procedure is up to Daniel now," said Vivienne.

"He was given chemotherapy for a year and a half, and basically it was just keeping the cancer at bay. But then at Christmas we found out about this treatment in Germany.

"He's been through the wars. His arm was amputated on the January 30. We were constantly looking for cures on the internet, and we came across this that people are going to Germany. Even people from the States are going over there."

As Daniel shows signs of improvement, his friends are fundraising for the treatment.

"He's struggling to get a bit of hope back. We're looking for funding and the family and friends are doing fundraising for his treatments," Vivienne explained.

Donations may be made to Daniel Maher's Fund in the TSB, Ballyfermot, account number 18527931 and sort code 990606.

Fundraising events due to take place include Cash for Gold in Convent Lawns on February 25, car boot sale on Sunday March 5 in Convent Lawns, a night in Spin Roller Disco on March 3, 7.30-11.30pm, a night in Coffey's in Inchicore on March 25, and a benefit in the Spawell in Templeogue on March 3.