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Bradley brothers get split up with move to separate prisons

THE Bradley crime brothers are no longer a team.

The State has split them up -- albeit sending them to jails in the same town.

Older brother Alan 'Fatpuss' (39) is being accommodated for the next seven years -- minus a quarter remission for good behaviour -- in Portlaoise.

The adjacent Midlands prison, a stone's throw away, is home to younger brother Wayne (33) for five-and-a-half years, minus the quarter remission.

They were sent their separate ways on Thursday having been initially committed to Mountjoy jail and then returned for a time to Cloverhill remand prison.

The Dundon brothers, Wayne (34) and John (29), who were jailed this week, are still being held in Cloverhill. But again both are expected to be transferred this weekend, probably to the Midlands and Portlaoise.

With outside addresses in Finglas and Kentstown, the Bradley brothers pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob almost €1m from from Chubb Ireland on November 2, 2007, at Tesco, Celbridge, Co Kildare.

This is their first real taste of jail because, despite their high profile, both men have convictions for mainly road traffic-related offences. Alan, with 32 previous convictions, indicated in court that he intended to use his time in jail to leave criminal life behind, learn a foreign language and move abroad on release.

He was second in command in the gang structure -- below slain crime boss Eamon Dunne. Wayne, with 12 previous convictions, is in the Midlands.

Portlaoise is home to other high-profile gangsters including John Gilligan and his gang member Brian 'Tosser' Meehan.


Dublin's despised drugs lord Tony Felloni is "a past pupil". Also there is Noel Callan, from Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, who has served over 25 years for the capital murder of Sergeant Patrick Morrissey (49), who was shot dead by his accomplice, Michael McHugh, in a robbery at Ardee labour exchange on June 27, 1985.

The Midlands is home to murderer Joe O'Reilly, who murdered his wife Rachel at their home in October 2004. He has been held there since July 2007.

One of the country's most dangerous men is also there -- Warren Dumbrell is in the high-security wing. He is serving life with his brother for the murder of petty criminal Christy Cawley.