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Boy's trial over €26k of drugs

A YOUTH who could face a minimum 10-year sentence for drugs offences has been sent forward for trial for possessing more than €26,000-worth of cannabis.

The boy (17) was arrested on June 21, 2008, over the alleged seizure in Poppentree, Ballymun, in Dublin.

He was later charged at the Dublin Children's Court with simple possession of the drug, possession with intent to supply and an additional charge of possessing drugs worth more than €13,000.

It was held that the case was too serious to be kept in the city's juvenile court.

Hope of life on new star system

Just 10pc of stars in the universe may host solar systems like our sun's family of planets, astronomers say.

But that still means hundreds of millions of stars may have solar systems that could harbour life-supporting Earth-like planets.

Our solar system has far-flung gas-giant planets with small rocky worlds, such as the Earth and Mars, nearer the parent star.

A four-year search has revealed just one star system with a similar pattern, instead of around eight as expected.

Pilot admits he turned up drunk

A United Airlines pilot admitted in court that he had turned up at London's Heathrow Airport to fly a plane to Chicago while three times over the alcohol limit.

Erwin Washington (51), of Lakewood, Colorado, had been due to captain a Boeing 767 in November with 124 passengers and 11 crew members when a colleague smelled alcohol on his breath. He will be sentenced next month.

Top producer Gerber dies

Producer David Gerber, the man behind a host of top TV series and films, has died of heart failure.

His publicist said Gerber (86) died at the University of Southern California Medical Centre.

Gerber won Emmys for the popular TV series Police Story and Police Woman, and produced many TV movies, including Flight 93 in 2006.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gerber served as a radio gunner during the Second World War.