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Boys in green still so proud of uncle Sean

THEIR World Cup dreams are over but there is no bigger star than Sean O'Brien in his nephews' eyes.

Donnacha (four months), Will (1) and Patrick (2) were wearing the green as they watched their uncle clash with Wales early today.

Little Patrick proudly sang Ireland's Call before the clash got under way.

Sean O'Brien Snr opted to go to his friend, the local Gala shopkeeper, Frank Byrne's house, for the game but he couldn't hide his disappointment.

"Wales were so defensively good," he said immediately afterwards this morning, "They had the homework done."

O'Brien Snr played rugby himself for years and trained his son from childhood in the sport.

"Ireland didn't get a chance. Wales never gave them a chance, they got a couple of soft tries," he added.

The O'Briens are now looking forward to being reunited with 24-year-old Sean when he returns from New Zealand on Monday. "We'll have the ice-pack out for him, it looks like he got a slap today, he has a bursted lip," the dad said.

Flanker Sean, who is a real family man, will be looking forward to his favourite dinner of roast beef and spuds when he returns.

The 22-10 defeat against Wales in Wellington denied him the chance to reach the World Cup semi-final but O'Brien's talent has now been seen on a world stage.

He's come a long way from the youngster who missed being picked for the Leinster squad on the first occasion he tried at 16.

O'Brien grew up on a farm in Ardristan, just three miles from Tullow, with his parents, Sean and Kaye, brothers Stephen (32) and William (22), and sisters Alexandra (20) and Caroline (30).

His parents were "bursting with pride" watching their son's performance in New Zealand over the past few weeks.

His youngest siblings, William and Alexandra, are in New Zealand to support their brother.

There was disappointment in Tullow yesterday but the highs of O'Brien's World Cup performance is not about to die down.

"There's still a great atmosphere here, everyone is looking forward to seeing Sean," his dad said.

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