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Boy threatened teen with glass

A YOUTH, who threatened a teenage girl with a glass bottle during a mugging, has been given a six-month suspended sentence.

The 16-year-old boy had pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to robbery of the girl (17) in Artane, in Dublin, on July 22 last.

He has also admitted shoplifting and trespassing offences.

The girl handed over €5 to the accused, who has no previous criminal convictions, the court had heard.

Tax break bid to keep Twitter

San Francisco politicians have approved a tax break to keep Twitter from leaving the city.

The measure exempts the microblogging service from paying payroll tax on new hires if it moves to the city's neglected Mid-Market area.

The exemption applies to any business in the blighted neighbourhood.

Twitter is already outgrowing its San Francisco headquarters, and the company is poised to expand from a few hundred to a few thousand workers.

It was announced last month that Twitter would sign a six-year lease in the neighbourhood pending the tax break. Critics have called the plan an ill-conceived corporate give-away.

Man 'barking at police dog'

a US man has been charged with a misdemeanour for barking at a police dog.

Ryan James Stephens (25) was charged with teasing a police dog in Cincinnati.

Officer Bradley Walker said Stephens was making barking noises and hissing at the animal inside his patrol car.

Mr Walker reported that Stephens said "the dog started it" when asked why he was harassing the animal. The officer said Stephens appeared highly intoxicated.

He is to appear April 21 in court.

Sculpture for rocker Cobain

A sculpted guitar memorial to Kurt Cobain has been unveiled in a park in the Nirvana frontman's Washington state hometown.

The dedication in Aberdeen yesterday marked the 17th anniversary of Cobain's suicide in Seattle.

A diverse group of fans, many born after Cobain's 1994 death, attended the ceremony.