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Boy guilty of 'revenge' attack

A 16-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy will be sentenced next week for beating up a man in an apparent 'revenge' attack.

The boy has pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to assault causing harm at a flat complex in the city's south side on May 14 last year.

The court heard that the victim had "very seriously" assaulted the defendant's cousin beforehand. The man is also due to stand trial over that attack, Judge Halpin was told.

The judge said that was no justification and the teenager should have "let the authorities deal with that matter".

Tourists die in copter crash

A helicopter has crashed into a Hawaii mountainside near a school, killing the pilot all four tourists on board.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters owner David Chevalier said the passengers were two men and two women, all Americans.

Kilohana school principal Richard Stevens said he saw the helicopter hit the hillside in the mountains above the campus, and there was a large boom. The helicopter was engulfed in flames.

Helicopter tour companies advertise trips to Molokai to see Hawaii's tallest waterfall.

Warm-ups cut sports injuries

Going through a set of warm-up exercises before practices and games cuts the rate of knee and ankle injuries in teenage girls playing soccer and basketball, a new study shows.

Training coaches in these exercises prevents non-contact injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament sprains that may turn girls off physical activity and require expensive surgery, according to the findings of an American study.

Exercise in teenage girls has been linked to better grades, less obesity and lower pregnancy rates.

US protester shoots himself

Police say preliminary investigations show a 35-year-old army veteran fatally shot himself in the head at an Occupy Wall Street encampment in the Vermont city of Burlington.

The man shot himself inside a tent in City Hall Park yesterday and died in hospital.