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Boy found alive in Turkish quake ruins

RESCUE workers pulled out a 13-year-old boy alive from the rubble of an apartment block early this morning in Turkey.

It is five days since a powerful earthquake killed more than 500 people. The rescue lifted Turkish spirits as thousands of quake survivors endured a fifth freezing and wet night out.

The boy, named as Ferhat Tokay, was put in a neck brace and taken on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance after being rescued in the town of Ercis, the hardest hit by Sunday's 7.2 magnitude quake, television images showed.

"My feelings are inexplicable. It was like taking my own son out," an exhausted but elated medic, Baris Dogan, said.

"We started digging and at first we saw his hand. And then we started speaking to him. He said 'I am hungry and thirsty'."

By late yesterday, the quake's death toll was 535, with 2,300 people hurt.