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Boy faces trial over muggings

A 16-year-old boy accused of taking part in two gang muggings after he got addicted to drugs was served with a book of evidence yesterday.

The teenager, who is on bail, had been charged with robbing a man, who was cut with a knife by one of the boy's accomplices, at Prussia Street. He was also charged with the attempted robbery of a male at Kirwan Street, in Dublin 7, on March 30 last.

The boy was served with a book of evidence. Judge Elizabeth MacGrath made an order sending him forward for trial.

Obama birth cert challenge

A Hawaii appeals court has rejected a man's request to "inspect and copy" President Barack Obama's birth certificate, saying the plaintiff failed to state a valid claim to having access to the document.

The judge ruled that Robert V Justice did not show there were "compelling circumstances" requiring the state health department to show him the birth certificate.

Hawaii's former health director has repeatedly said he has verified Mr Obama's original records. Also, two local newspapers published notices of Mr Obama's birth in 1961.

Toxic milk kills three children

Three children have died and 35 people have become ill from drinking nitrite-tainted milk in China's Gansu province.

Most of the 35 were children under 14 and are now being treated at two hospitals in Pingliang city.

Nitrite is used for curing meat. Two farms have now been sealed off and their managers are being investigated.

'Saucy video' claim rejected

An all-woman federal jury in Florida has decided Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is not liable for the emotional distress four anonymous plaintiffs claimed to have suffered after appearances in one of his videos.

The four plaintiffs were all under 18 when they appeared in the video. The lawsuit claimed Francis exploited them by filming them flashing their breasts and engaging in sexual activities.