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Boy faces trial on gun charge

A boy accused of possessing a sawn-off shotgun after it was allegedly used in a shooting has been sent forward for trial before a judge and jury.

The teen (17) was arrested following incidents which occurred following a row in a pub in Crumlin, Dublin, on November 2. He was charged on November 4 at the Children's Court with possessing a sawn-off shotgun, at a lane-way off Herberton Road, in Crumlin, on November 2. Last month, the Children's Court refused jurisdiction to deal with the case and yesterday the teen was served with a book of evidence. Judge Clare Leonard ordered that the case was to be sent forward for trial to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

George tweets to quit smoking

George Michael has turned to Twitter to stop smoking.

The singer said that he started smoking again after being sent to prison.

He said: "When they put you inside, they almost chuck nicotine at you and, having given up regular cigarettes many years ago, I found within a week I was hooked back on the nicotine.

"What I have found is that now I'm trying not to smoke cigarettes, the tweeting stops me from doing it because I've got something to do."

Woman (25) on murder charge

A prosecutor in Washington state says a 25-year-old woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of a baby boy born prematurely and found decapitated.

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer said Laura Lynn Hickey was charged yesterday in Superior Court. Bail was set at $1m during a brief court appearance.