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Boy caught with cocaine Safe arrival for space shuttle LOST star in Five-O remake Actor treated for cancer

A YOUTH caught with nearly €6,000 worth of cocaine was "exploited" by older criminals, a Garda has told a court.

The 17-year-old boy is charged with possessing cocaine worth €5,700 in Fairview, in Dublin, last May.

Garda Emmett Branigan added that the boy was co-operative when arrested. He said that it was believed the teen "was exploited somewhat by older criminals".

Defence solicitor John Quinn pleaded for the case to be kept in the juvenile court and not be sent to the Circuit Court, which has wider sentencing powers.

However, Judge Leonard said the case was too serious to be kept in the Children's Court and remanded the teen on bail to appear again next month.

Safe arrival for space shuttle

Space shuttle Endeavour has arrived at the International Space Station. The shuttle docked at the orbiting outpost early today. It is delivering a new room and look-out dome.

Endeavour's six astronauts will install these, while five men are already living at the station.

This will be the last major construction job for the space station. Once the room, named Tranquillity, and the observation deck are in place, it will be 98pc complete.

LOST star in Five-O remake

Lost star Daniel Dae Kim is the first actor cast for the remake of the hit police series Hawaii Five-0.

CBS told The Honolulu Advertiser that Kim will portray detective Chin Ho Kelly, who was originally played by the late Kam Fong. Kim plays Jin on ABC's Lost, which is in its sixth and final season.

Actor treated for cancer

Louis Gossett Jr said he is being treated for prostate cancer. The Oscar-winning actor said the disease was caught early and he expects to make a full recovery.

Gossett appeared in dozens of films. He won an Oscar for best supporting actor in 1983 for his portrayal of the no-nonsense Navy flight school sergeant who whips Richard Gere into shape in An Officer and a Gentleman.