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Boy accused of spitting blood

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy allegedly spat blood on a garda car and lashed out at officers after he was caught fighting on a street in Dublin, the Children's Court has been told.

He was charged with criminal damage to a patrol car and being intoxicated in public on a south Dublin street on September 14.

Judge Clare Leonard heard that gardai "responded to a call of a fight taking place".

Garda Sean Gallagher said that when he arrived at the scene the teenager was "bleeding and spat blood on the rear of the patrol car".

The case was adjourned.

Seven killed in house collapse

A residential building collapsed in Old Delhi and killed at least seven people -- highlighting the dangerous housing conditions among the poor in India's capital.

Residents said they feared some people were trapped in the rubble from the decades-old building.

Rescuers freed a young boy trapped as he was passing by the building. Poor construction material and inadequate foundations are often blamed for building collapses in India.

SUVs causing

fewer deaths

Occupants of cars and minivans involved in crashes with larger sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks die 64pc less often than they did in 2000, a US insurance industry study has found.

The death rate for car and minivan passengers in such accidents fell from 44 deaths per million in 2000 and 2001 to 16 in 2008 and 2009, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found.

The group credited better SUV and pickup design, particularly moves to align the heights of bumpers with those of cars, and more safety features in smaller vehicles such as air bags.


makes debut

The first Boeing 787 has landed in Tokyo, where launch customer All Nippon Airways will prepare the aircraft for its inaugural commercial flight.

The new Dreamliner jet is the first commercial airliner built using carbon fibre rather than the typical aluminium skin.

It uses about 20pc less fuel than a comparably sized aluminium aircraft.