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'Boy (8) tied up and had face glassed'

A GANG of teenagers tied an eight-year-old boy to a chair and marked his face with a broken bottle, it's reported.

Gardai in Co Wexford are now investigating the alleged assault after the schoolboy reported his ordeal.

The teenagers held the broken bottle to his cheek and marked Xs into his face.

The boy's father said his son has provided statements to detectives about the incident which happened in Monageer, Co Wexford, on Friday, September 2.

The dad, who does not wish to be named to protect his son's identity, said his child was on his way home from a friend's house when a group of teenagers approached him at the Gleann na gCaor estate.

"At first they were messing but then they tripped him and picked him up and carried him 400 yards away to a grotto," he said.

The child said he had his hands and feet tied to an old office chair with a heavy rope.

The youths then smashed a bottle and one held it to the child's face.

The boy came home with cuts in the shape of Xs on his cheeks.

His father said: "They kept saying that he was bullying a friend of theirs but my son has no idea who they were talking about. It might have been a mistaken identity but I can't understand how anyone could terrify a child like that.

"He was able to wriggle out but I can't imagine how long it would've taken to find him if he hadn't free himself."

No arrests have been made.